We carry the largest and most comprehensive range of Sophie Digard in Australia with some designs in colourways which are unique to our range.

Sophie Digard is a French textile artist who creates wondrously soft and luxurious scarves in a myriad of colours which are embellished with further layers of colour, three dimensional details, velvet and embroidery. The layering in each design is a comfortable way of transporting us into the experience of wearing her creations. They are unique and exquisitely made. Wonderful to wear.

We have a very comprehensive range of Sophie Digard scarves, jewellery, bags and hats. The Sophie Digard range is available both at the Quidditas General Store and Quidditas Online Shop. The online store will expand to include bags, dolls and jewellery very soon. Our scarf range is excellent.

Quidditas owner, Deborah Whitford, worked as a designer for many years and is an avid collector of textiles. She considers that we are so fortunate to have someone as talented and devoted to her work as Sophie Digard, as the discipline required to produce the items available is enormous.

Sophie’s unending attention to detail, expansive designs and complex colourways are unique and utilize natural materials of linen, merino wool and raffia.

Sophie’s core range is the hand crocheted linen or merino wool scarves, many with appliqué and embroidery, larger scarves in fine wool and linen with embroidery and appliqué on all or part of the scarf area. The colour combinations are complex with usually more than one colour per thread and all hand-dyed especially for Sophie.

Totes and bags in raffia or a heavier wool. In the same complex combinations as the scarves—some with velvet and embroidery.

Raffia hats in a range of colours that are intriguing in their single but multi-toned colour complexity.

Poupées or dolls which have a whimsical quality and again, the same complexity of colours. The doll designs are based on animals or humans with their own clothing and sometimes a friend or flowers.

Jewellery made from wool, linen, linen velvet and raffia. A myriad of designs and colours.