We stock an extensive range of jewellery.

Some of our ranges are

Hultquist – Danish range with wonderful minimalist designs which can be combined to create your own unique look. Giving you a complex look which can be fun or sophisticated.

Taratata – French – fun, colourful pieces giving you a unique design aesthetic.

Amanda Coleman – English jewellery designer – inspired by nature and English gardens. Amanda’s bees, flowers and birds are exquisite. Her dogs are fun.

We Dream in Colour – US company with fun and quirky pieces. Very eclectic. Gorgeous brass bee brooches and some of the profits help save our bees.

Bianc – great earrings and delicate necklaces using good colour stones and designs.

Pomegranate – UK based  designer creating wonderous and complex combinations in her range of earrings and necklaces with great quality gemstones.

Kate Hamilton Hunt – UK range of jewellery made from recycled tin which has been toffee, sweets and biscuit tins. Seasonal and fun.

Canyon – from France – sun burst, stars and a delicate touch. Worth taking a good look as it is delicate.

And many more jewellery brands.