Anne Selby

Anne Selby is an award-winning textile artist/designer based in Bath. England. She creates unique and luxurious stoles, boas and scarves in silk. Her products are extraordinary to wear and dramatic in their visual impact.
Her fine silk and silk organza creations are sensual and feminine, and spectacular to observe – they transform the simplest of outfits into sophisticated glamour. They are the ultimate accessory for the little black dress. These accessories are contemporary yet timeless. They are ‘wearable art’ treasures to wear again and again.

Anne specialises in Arashi Shibori pleating, a Japanese art form developed 200 years ago for creating pattern on kimono cotton yardage. Each of Anne’s pieces piece involves artistry and skills developed over several years. Each is unique in its colouration. As no two pieces will ever be the same, Anne Selby silk creations will always be admired for their uniqueness.

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  • Anne Selby Organza stole

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