Bonne Maison Socks

Bonne Maison  socks were first created by Béatrice de Crécy in 2012. Every season since then she has told stories through her sock designs. In these stories we come across everything from blondes, clowns, crowds, trapeze artists, nude women, birds, dogs, cats, snails, horses, mice, grasshoppers, snakes or monkeys. They feature in mountainous, green or surrealist settings and imaginary landscapes. Designs feature polka-dots, stripes, but also peonies, carnations, iris, daisies, poppies and other wonders. That whole little world wants to settle down, leap and chill, flutter or spread along the feet, climb onto the heel or even come around the calf.

Made from 100% Egyptian cotton Bonne Maison  socks are perfectly round and smooth. They are spun with a special technique that eliminates all short fibres in the material. This prevents the pilling of the cotton once knitted, making it smooth, soft and strong. The vibrant colours are created with care and the dyeing of the threads is done especially for Bonne Maison in Italy. Thanks to the know-how of a French manufacturer, the result is a fine high-quality sock, with a stitch-less strengthened toe. The delicacy of the stitch ensures great precision in the patterns and designs.

Bonne Maison socks are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Why not add some colour, quirkiness, comfort and fun.

It starts with colours, the funny way they sometime combine, kindling the desire to indulge in small moments of joy, when putting our socks on. Telling stories in between the shoe and the ankles, taking a relatively boring sock to new heights.

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