Linen crocheted small scarf
8 July 2020
Linen crocheted large scarf
8 July 2020
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Linen crocheted large scarf


Crocheted fine ply linen scarf with velvet centres.
Measurements: 145cm x 25cm (57 inches x 9 3/4 inches)

Handmade in Madagascar.
Dry clean only.

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This gorgeous scarf is a once in a lifetime creation, no two pieces are ever the same. It combines the extraordinary creativity of French textile artist Sophie Digard and the incredible craftsmanship of the artisans at her atelier in Madagascar.  Each piece is crafted from the finest of natural fibres, hand dyed and transformed into a wearable work of art.  You can see the layering of colours that makes up every scarf, the intricate details created by the combination of the finest linen threads and the three-dimensional embellishments of luxurious velvet. They are classic and timeless.