Yuan Parnasse stackable bowl set

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Its clean shape pays tribute to the well-known Asian vase, but its inside is quite another story...Once separated, the plates and salad bowls, reveal immortal statues and antique beauties from a forgotten park where nature is gradually reasserting itself.
Perfect for everyday use to set an entire table and enhance the appeal of every meal.
Material : Food-grade melamine
Exterior finish: glossy light grey
Interior colours: predominantly grey and yellow
Dimensions : H.30 cm
Diameter: 25 cm
1 salad bowl Ø25cm, 1 salad bowl Ø20cm, 1 dish Ø25cm, 4 plates Ø25cm and 1 cup Ø13cm
Weight : 3.3 kgs
Designed in France
Made in Thailand
Dishwasher safe

Price: $260.00
(inc GST)

code: Yuan Parnasse