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August 1, 2019
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Luso Osorio Blanc stackable plate set

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This vessel comprises of 10 stackable pieces: 6 dessert plates and 4 salad bowls. Inspired by a picnic lunch in the idyllic garden of Bussaco, Portugal, this set of dessert plates blends the images of a young woman with the ornaments of the landscape.
Material: Food-grade melamine
Exterior finish: glossy white
Interior colours: predominantly blue
Dimensions: H.18 cm
Diameter: 23 cm
2 salad bowls Ø23cm, 1 dish Ø21cm, 1 dish Ø19cm and 6 dessert plates Ø19cm
Weight: 2.8 kgs
Designed in France
Made in Thailand
Dishwasher safe
IB #45

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