From: Friday, 10 February 2017

Lace is fine open fabric of cotton, silk, wool, man-made fibre and synthetic. Lace can be created by looping, twisting, knitting and stitching.

Lace is sometimes created with bobbins by hand creating a gossamer of complex weaving and twisting over a padded cushion, by pushing holes into solid fabric to create broderie anglaise, with needles creating needlework lace, knitting on fine needles, with tape or ribbon stitched together or stitched onto fine fabric often tulle.

Lace is hard to define as it has an infinite number of possibilities and it is known to most of us in one form or another.

Lace occupies a special role in our ceremonial clothes and has for hundreds of years. It is highly regarded and has survived the industrialisation of handmade lace and kept its significance to our culture and many others. Lace is often made by machine these days and is used to decorate all manner of items.

This exhibition is not about the definition of lace but its allusive qualities and our desire to own it, wear it and decorate our homes with it.

Please enjoy this small sample of Lace. Curated by Deborah Whitford.