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Unique art and craft from around the world

The gallery presents items that have been collected from far and wide to excite the senses, please the eye and encourage an interest in the past and present skills of our culture and others.

Textiles are universal. All cultures make, wear and use textiles from a wide variety of fibres using a multiplicity of techniques. It is our intention to bring as many of these cultural traditions to the gallery over time.

The aim of Quidditas is to inspire and foster an interest in these and other skills before they are lost, and to celebrate the women and men in cultures that still make and create beautiful artisan textiles and objects. We will also feature work from small group who gather to make and create unique items from all over the world.

Quidditas is a collection of galleries and a gallery shop. The gallery space is sometimes taken up with one exhibition and at other times the space is divided into two and occasionally three exhibitions. Within the gallery space Colin Parker has a permanent gallery. Each exhibition will run over four, six and eight week cycles.

The gallery shop is an extension of the exhibitions and a collection of favourite items which will always be available. The shop sells textile items for example scarves and linen, artisan items for the home, gifts for children, cards and wrapping paper, sewing notions and other various items.

We are always interested in seeing new work from artists and craftspeople, therefore please feel free to email us.

Quidditas owner Deborah Whitford has collected textiles most of her life, even as a child. Training as a clothing and textile designer and working in that field for many years. Through her work and travelling she has seen many traditional skills disappear and would like to inspire more people to take an interest in the art of textiles and their production through the exhibitions and items in her gallery.

QUIDDITAS is Latin for QUIDDITY, which means the essence of an object – that which makes it what it is.

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